Watch This Guy Catch A Lingcod With A Spear Off The Vancouver Island Coast

Could you do that?

Eating freshly caught west coast lingcod is pretty awesome. But catching your own with a spear takes it to the next level.

A spearfishing expert named Chris recently posted a video of just that on PNW Samson, a YouTube account that features “spearfishing, freediving, hiking and traveling adventures based around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.”

“I went spearfishing with a solid crew last weekend around Victoria and caught my first lingcod of the 2022 season,” Chris explains in his latest vid. “We had some amazing visibility and some epic diving. Massive kelp beds, rockfish, lingcod, cabezon, Dungeness crab.. you name it! It doesn’t get much better than this while spearfishing off Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada.”

For those who aren’t familiar, “spearfishing is a method of fishing that involves impaling the fish with a straight pointed object such as a spear, gig or harpoon. It has been deployed in artisanal fishing throughout the world for millennia.”

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“That looked epic,” one viewer writes. “Great vid!”

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